Jobconnect searches for IT specialists for many different types of positions. We have extensive experience, knowledge and education within the field, which gives us the correct insight when it comes to finding the right applicant for the right company.

Being flexible towards customers and candidates is the key. We listen to the needs of our clients and lead our candidates directly to more carefully tailored/customized positions, according to their specifications and requirements.

The experience of the candidates and the positions available vary significantly. From installing, configuring, testing and maintaining various IT services, to IT technical sales specialists working within a team. Knowledge of a Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Danish or Swedish) is often required.



We search for candidates that are qualified in Information Technology for open vacancies, such as:

  • Technical Support (1st,2nd and 3rd line)
  • Software Developers (Java.net)
  • Software Developers (C#)
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Network Engineers (CISCO)
  • Storage Consultants
  • Infrastructure Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Sales Specialists
  • Software QA and Testing / Troubleshooting

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Partner / Advisor
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