The engineering sector is one of Jobconnect’s areas of expertise. Within this category, we are specialized in different types of engineering branches, mainly within the Oil & Gas / Offshore and Building / Infrastructures markets.

We supply engineers, designers and project managers that can perform complex calculations, analysis and design, lead teams, cooperate with other disciplines and work in multicultural environments.

To ensure the quality of the candidates, technical personnel at Jobconnect experienced within the Engineering sector selects and evaluates them prior to sending their applications to companies. By staying in contact with our customers and following market trends, we keep ourselves updated at all times. We are dedicated to provide consistent and cost-effective recruitment solutions at every opportunity.

From our engineering candidates, we require a solid academic base (Master or Bachelor), relevant experience (preferably within the Norwegian market), fluent written and oral communication skills in English and / or Norwegian, and a social and creative personality.


Oil & Gas / Offshore

We have a wide range of connections within the Engineering Oil & Gas sector and a solid database of candidates that are skilled in different engineering-related disciplines:

  • Mechanical / Hydraulic
  • Electrical / Instrumentation
  • Automation / Control Systems
  • Structural
  • Piping
  • Naval architects
  • HVAC
  • Process
  • Project management
Building / Infrastructures

We search for candidates that are specialized in civil and / or transportation engineering


  • Project management
  • Design and calculations
  • Project planning
  • Cost and Purchase
  • Construction management
  • Engineering Geology / Geotechnology
  • Safety
  • Technical drawing

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