Jobconnect has in-depth knowledge of the companies that you will be working for, so we can offer inside information. We will prepare you for a meeting with the customer, offering tips on what to ask and sharing information on the history and culture of the organisation. We will work with our customer in the early stages of the process and negotiate the terms of the contract(s) on your behalf if you succeed to the later stages of an interview.

By establishing strong connections with our clients, we also have exclusive access to positions that cannot be found through an online search.

If you are interested in applying to us, please register your CV and follow the steps.
Once you are in our system, your application will always be searchable in our database and therefore available for new opportunities and requests from our customers.
Throughout the recruitment process, we will assist you and give you advice for interviews, CV and others. We have many customers in different disciplines and perhaps your skills match what they are looking for!